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About Us

We are a seasoned, visionary construction and pre-cast building organization. We endeavour to attract and maintain our clients by placing their needs at the core of our creations by making them functional, economical and aesthetically attractive guided by the vision of becoming the construction solution hub in Kenya.

For close to fifty years, Reliable Concrete Works LTD's philosophy has remained unchanged: "Deliver a quality product or service on time and within budget"

Mwangi Mucemi


Our Speciality

                     Reliable Concrete Works LTD offers industry standard professional services in the following areas


We manufacture high quality precast concrete products using state-of-the-art facilities, processes and equipment, integrated under controlled conditions. Several different processes are used, each capable of producing precast concrete blocks and drainage pipes pipe that conform to the requirements of applicable standards. The following sections provide more information on the processes we use to produce concrete products of consistently high quality read more.


Reliable Concrete Works LTD is a multi-disciplinary company with more than forty years experience with a proven record in quality civil works project delivery. Our primary market offering includes Reliable Kabro, Paving Blox, storm water and sewer drainage Solutions, read more